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BINIC abrasive factory reopen in 2020

Binic Abrasive Factory reopens in 2020 BINIC Abrasive factory in Jangsu is reopened on 20th Feb Shanghai: On 20th Feb, BINIC Abrasive factory is reopened The local government make a very close inspection for all the anti-Virus equipmnt, they finally allow us to start production on 20th Feb . Now we have enough Mask, sterilization …

JAP60路熟MATURE乱子视频在线观看 JAP60路熟MATURE ,神马电影DY888影视在线观看 神马电影DY888影视无删减 ,AVTT天堂网2014在线观看 AVTT天堂网2014无删减 琪琪 Latest update on our MPA license

—— BINIC acquire some new MPA license on January and fill the gaps  

BINIC abrasive come back for new 2020

——BINIC Abrasive come back with more Power, office staff come back to work and fight for coronavirus together Shanghai: On 18th Feb, BINIC Abrasive office staff has worked in the office for almost one week. 90% of them come back. 10% of staff are expected to return in 2 weeks. So far the sales department …

2019 year end carnival

——BINIC and BSP company have a big party to celeberate end of the year 2019 Kunshan: BINIC and BSP office people hold a big party in the evening of 16th January. It means a lot for this party as most of them can not see each other reguarly as they work in 2 differenct places. …